Kate Ruby Hutchinson is a contemporary jeweller, metalsmith and metalhead. 

She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), majoring in jewellery and objects, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Museum Studies. She is a previous graduate-resident and ex-tenant of SquarePeg Studios and has also coordinated a number of small jewellery exhibitions associated with JMGA-NSW.

Her practice has previously been based in both Sydney and on the South Coast of New South Wales. However, she has recently embarked on a new adventure, moving her practice temporarily to London.

Kate's jewellery practice is influenced by and revolves around colour and form. She explores this through the use of aluminium anodising and sublimation. She is fascinated by the way humans individually perceive colour and the associations and emotions these represent. Her work uses colouring techniques to give new meaning to material, and strives to manipulate and unravel the different ways this can be explored through jewellery and the wearable. Kate's jewellery consists of both small scale productions and one-off exhibition pieces.